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Mac Theme For Windows 8.

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OS X Theme – Download. One thing that is common with all these themes that each of them have one glitch or the other – and none of them are perfect but still does the job. In case you know about any other OS X themes for Windows, that I missed out here do let me know in the comments section.

Here are a few more Windows 7 themes. Mac Theme for Windows 7 – Download 4. You can use WordPress to create site of any niche but it is a fact that WordPress is more of a blog.

Google Chrome and Firefox already have the bookmarks and history syncing feature so that you can br. Web Designer is a newly released tool from Google for Windows and Mac, which is currently in beta. There are not much apps in the market which allows you to sync your notes across your devices.

YouTube is among the most popular Video sharing sites, and most importantly, it is a part of Google. We have seen a lot of sequels of popular racing game Need for Speed by Electronic Arts, but it is n. One of the reason working from home is better than working in offices is that you can are your own. The fon. The Flat Web Design trend is quite popular among designers now. And not only designers are followin.

A guy left his home to start a photographic journey to travel around the world and capture the jour. Microsoft just announced the next generation of Microsoft devices, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

We have seen a leaked version of BBM but that was incomplete and though the app was launching and w. GTA V is already released now and is available to buy. WhatsApp is an app with huge user base, and it is one of the most used networking and chatting app. Its been awhile since we had any news from Blackberry. But they announced Blackberry Z30 today whic. Apple started rolling out iOS 7 final in different regions now, and if you want to install the fina. Google Mail is one of the mostly used emailing service and users from all over the world use it as.

The way t. It is the first time I am seeing something like this, a color sensor which allows you to scan color. Apple’s 10th September event was a special day for Apple where they announced the next generation o. Minions are one of the most loved characters when it comes to animated movies. If you are like me w. Microsoft is going to release Windows 8. The Camera in iPhone 5s has got major improvements and the Image sensor in it is now 15 percent lar. Apple just released their new flagship device, iPhone 5S with not only new color option but some ne.

Typography is a fine art of presenting content in creative formats considering not only creativity. It’s now less than 24 hours remaining for the Apple event where Tim Cook is going to unveil long ru. Whenever we embed a YouTube video on our sites, the video plays on p by default. We have to chan.

Ever since Apple unveiled iOS 7, graphic designers are taking special interest in making concept de. The font has 4. Its been awhile since I have added any tutorial in CMA series. I recently re-organized my homescree. If you are an Android freak, then you may be knowing about Xposed Framework. Icon Themer is a Mod f. Easy-Macro is a lens for Android phones as well as iPhones which allows you to take better Macro ph. One of the best techniques of taking photos is focussed or macro photography.

The technique is to f. Samsung announced their successor for the Note series, Galaxy Note 3 which comes with a huge 5. The Key Lime Pie rumours were wrong, Android 4. There was also a ru. Sony Xperia Z1 is the latest smartphone from Sony, a product that could come only out of Sony. Whether it is a dock icon or an application, there’s a simple way to change the icons on your Mac O. Winter House is a minimal and simple architecture design posted by Artur Yusupov on Behance.

The ho. Do you have iPad with Retina Display? If so, then this beautiful cydia theme is for you. Laguna HD. Whether it is a text or an icon, you can use this free Photoshop Action designed by Zinx to apply l. Want to get Cut the Rope Android game for free?

Amazon App Store is celebrating the completion of. Vimeo is powering creative video and short-film makers. Mac ‘n’ Cheese is a beautiful animated shor. We have seen Active Notification feature in Moto X, but have you ever thought that you will be able. We have already seen lot of concepts and designs for iOS 7 redesign, but this concept is different. Creative Market is a marketplace of design and graphic stuff and one of the cool things about marke.

Browsers have built-in download features but it is good to extend the functionality for managing th. It’s been a while since Facebook introduced Embed Posts feature. You can embed any of your statuses. Advertisements are the key to promotion and marketing for brands and companies. We see a lot of adv. Its more often that you like a video on YouTube and you just want to download it on your device. Russian photo editor Anton Logvynenko has redefined the old photos of Titanic into refreshed ones.

It’s been awhile since Nokia released Lumia and it looks like Nokia is getting less attention. Whether it is a case or an app, we all focus on customizing our phones to make it look good and att.

Designers have one problem in common, they keep searching fonts for using in their Graphic Design a. Instagram is popular because of its filters and effects. The filter makes ordinary photos look good. Twitter is one of the popular sites that aims to make communication easy.

Twitter has got very simp. Magazine is one of the most popular layout among WordPress bloggers. I prefer using custom themes o. There are apps which allows you to save your favorite articles so that you can read them later, my. There are a lot of keyboard apps on Play Store, but this Fleksy is the most powerful and sleek keyb. When it comes to customization, wallpapers are the building blocks. I have been seeing the trend of. Instagram added support for 15 second videos a few months back.

If you find Instagram videos on you. Looking for a simple and free music player for your Android phone? TorchMusic is a minimal and eas. Apple’s iPhone is one of the best camera smartphone and is widely used. This is the second update to Customize My Android series. Today’s homescreen is based on a unique l.

I ask myself more often that do we really need something like smartwatch which can function almost. Sony is working on a “Lens Camera” technology which means a lot for smartphones. Sony’s Lens Camera. I love design, be it online design or offline. I like beautiful architectures and I showcase best o.

HTC is not as good as Samsung at marketing their phones, but in the new advertisement series tagged. It is confirmed now that the release date for iPhone 5S, or may iPhone 6 is 10th of September. PirateBay, a site which is popular for storing billions of torrents, just released PirateBrowser.

Flat Design, again! If you know something good, you can’t resist yourself to achieve creativity. When there comes a new trend in design community, everyone seeks to follow the trend show up their.

One of my friends recently lost his Android phone and unfortunately the newly released Android Devi. Business Cards are important if you want to spread your business. Everybody wants more business and.

Conflict Photographers risk their lives and their living just for taking right photographs at right. Vox, a beautiful and free music player for OS X is in beta now, but it will be releasing out of bet.

Facebook already released a messenger app a while back for their Windows Users which allows quick c. They may bring more updates with fixes and features later. Links given here are official links which should give you the latest packages. From my experience, I really appreciate the way it works. I am sure you will like them. Download Windows On Mac Windows 8. Transformations or UX Pack? Which should you Install?

If your are running Windows XP or 64 bit version, you need to have. Net Framework at least version 2. Important Features Easy install and uninstallation. Memory patching in UxStyle. Clever system files modification with repair check and Windows update compatible. But this Mac theme for Windows completely themed and changed the desktop which made it look amazingly similar to the real thing. This skin pack for Windows 8 is around 35 Mb in download size and installs all the required files in a single go making the installation process very simple and fast.

You can download this Mac theme for Windows 8 from the link down below. In total this is one of the most stable skin packs I have ever used on Windows 8 and it did not mess with my system causing problems which most of the skin packs like these tend to do.


Download Apple Theme For Windows – CNET Download.6 Apple Macintosh Mac OS Themes – Windows 8 & Windows 7


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Mac Like Theme for Windows 8 – Zinx

4 Free Beautiful macOS Theme And Skin Pack For Microsoft Windows 10 Aero/Mac features for XP and non-Aero system; OS X Yosemite/iOS 8. Mac OS X Mavericks theme for Windows , 8 and Windows 7 is available to download now. Here’s how you can install it on any PC you like.


Windows 8.1 mac theme download free.4 Free Beautiful macOS Theme And Skin Pack For Microsoft Windows 10

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