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Note: Article Still Under development. Definition: Crapware. Crapware also known as “bloatware” or “junkware” is the stuff that hardware makers install onto their devices on top of the operating system.

Why do they do this? They are paid to. The software maker pays them to install these “free trials”. The software makers are betting that even a small percentage of users will convert from the free trial to the paid full version.

Some makers, and even MS itself, offer to sell you “clean” systems with no crapware installed. MS is also in on the act of installing “crapware”. Windows 10 now comes with a lot of games and “free trials” and other utilities that are not directly required by Windows or business users. Windows 10 Home has one set of crapware, but even “Business” versions of Windows now include a different set of “free” crapware, including some games!

Definition: Decrapify. It can be extended to include unwanted files. You expect a new computer to be optimized and ready to go. But it is not. The installation is generic, settings favor MS’s views. And builders are paid to install “demonstration” software. Some is fully functional, some is functionally limited, almost all is time limited. The best known example is Microsoft Office. Most new computers come with a free trial of Office installed. But if it is not the exact same bundle you plan to use, the trial is wasting space.

As well, over time additional unused applications and files accumulate on the computer. For example, some programs you install intentionally “sneak in” “free”, optional demonstrator programs. Some of these “extras” are benign, they just waste space.

Others are actually malware. Now there is another problem on the horizon. MS and computer builders have been pushing small cheap laptops and tablets. One of the “cost savings” is they come with 32GB hard drives. While on the surface that sounds reasonable since MS says Windows 10 only needs 20GB for a 64bit installation. Note 1: in April , MS revised the minimum space required. For both 32 and 64bit Windows 10, starting with Version the mimumum space required for Windows alone is 32GB.

I’m sure that contributed to upping the minimum limit to 32GB. That leaves 12 GB, seemingly lots of space. But Office takes about 4GB depending on the specific Office bundle you have , plus the other factory installed crapware and that after Office 9GB starts shrinking quickly. Although it is impolitic to say so here, I find a lot of the new “windows 10 store apps” also qualify as crapware. Why use “mail” when I rely on my cloud email Hotmail or Gmail.

And so on, and so on. Then you throw in system checkpoints, and monthly updates which create uninstall backups and more space is quickly used up. The real fix is to get a bigger drive. Unfortunately it is not realistic for many devices. Instead we have to waste a lot of time doing frequent work a-rounds to free up space for MS updates Why did MS do this? Don’t forget that Windows 10 has been in development for several years prior to it’s release in But now, due to “feature creep” it simply is not enough.

Got a 32GB Windows 10 device? You probably shouldn’t have bought it, but here’s how to make sure it doesn’t stumble during the next Windows 10 update. Dell’s G5 gaming PC is back for one final set of tests in our benchmarks. The system already got a failing grade for what we think are insanely unethical billing practices, but also for terrible, single-use build quality and mostly proprietary parts. Dell is cutting corners everywhere possible on hardware. In this, we also get to see the software bloat and the gaming benchmarks and performance.

The article identifies 19 potential crapps in Windows 10 Home. There is different set of crapps in Business editions of Windows 10, but they still include some of the games! Yes, Microsoft is one of the worst offenders when it comes to crapware. What is really bad is they don’t take no as an answer. MS makes it hard to uninstall some of it, the only way is to use PowerShell commands. And to add insult to injury, subsequent updates push out new code to those uninstalled crapplets.

But because they have been uninstalled you no longer appear to have a way to delete those files. The apps aren’t installed, so you can’t uninstall, and the files are treated as system times with very limited access rights, making it hard to find a way to delete those files. You end up with wasted space for files you can’t run and can’t delete! Actually, doing a “clean install” of Windows downloaded from MS is the fastest and easiest way to eliminate crapware.

But you have to be selective about it. For example. If you don’t, you lose the free offer! Some of the “crapware” is useful utilities, such as tools to provide vendor specific control of video cards.

Check to see if you can download the installation file from the specific vendor. Move applications when possible to install on external drives some won’t allow it, specifically MS Office! Run the built in “Disk Clean” utility or similar freeware tool like CCleaner to delete unneeded “temp” files, like update setups and browser temps.

Use an external drive as a supplement for the update install B. Install some applications to an External drive. For some devices, install a larger SSD drive, min 64GB, but more realistically GB or more some small devices like tablets may not allow this. Out of all the software on your computer, how many programs do you actually use regularly?

Most people keep a fair amount of unnecessary software installed on their systems. While some of these apps are just outdated, others are downright malicious or dangerous. Today, though, this is no longer the case. To see what I mean, take a look at the figure below. This is a clean installation of Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. Even though this edition is specifically geared toward business environments, the operating system is preloaded with an app for the Xbox console and other potentially unwanted software.

There is a free utility on GitHub that can do it for you. You can find this utility, which is appropriately named Windows 10 Debloater, at this link. That means after getting the basic application, you can customize it by adding or removing PowerShell scriptlets.

Which ones should you dump? This article brings together all of the native Windows 10 ways I know of to “decrapify” your computer, and a couple of new ones I haven’t seen. Windows 10 does come with a reasonably large amount of bloatware. In most cases, it is easy to remove. There are also a few different removal options, too: using the traditional uninstall, using PowerShell commands, and third-party installers. Why would it? Apps like Facebook are now showing up out of nowhere, and even displaying notifications begging for me to use them.

So why is it bugging me? The Microsoft Consumer Experience is actually a background task that runs whenever you sign into a Windows 10 PC with a new user account for the first time. Move applications when possible to install on external “SD” drives some apps won’t allow it, specifically MS Office!

When your PC has limited storage space, or you simply want to keep things separate, use this guide to install or move apps to a different drive on Windows Install an SD Card for Apps. For devices with an SD card slot, Windows 10 lets you move large apps and games from the main drive. These days, you can get an SD card with as much as GBs of space. This is more than perfect for a system with limited onboard space. Note: This only works with Microsoft Store apps. Classic desktop apps and those that come built into Windows 10 cannot be moved.

Select an app or game downloaded from the Windows Store, then click Move. Click on the Select a drive to move this app to: list box, choose the drive representing your SD card then click Move.



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When you get your hands on a brand new PC and boot it up for the first time, you should be able to sit back and watch it take off with blistering speeds and no bugs. Instead, your new computer may, in fact struggle to get started. This is due to preinstalled junk bloatware that vendors dump onto new computers. This is where downloading a tool such as The PC Decrapifier comes into play. The PC Decrapifier is a free tool can remove programs and unnecessary startup items, which will slow down your PC.

Simply download and run it as there is no installer and it is self-contained. When you do run it, The Decrapifier will walk you through, step by step, on what to remove form your computer.

All from a single windowed interface. Overall, The Decrapifier is a really great tool to erase unwanted software and stubborn files, which cannot otherwise be removed form your PC easily. Your new PC should be great when you first get it, so using a tool like this is a really good idea, and it is worth your time to clean out your new machine and get it running at optimal capacity.

We don’t have any change log information yet for version 3. PC Decrapifier’s simple wizard-based interface opened as soon as we clicked the program’s executable file. After checking for updates, we clicked through the EULA and a warning page that noted the difficulty in distinguishing between trial and paid versions of software and urged us to deselect any programs listed if we wanted to save them. However, none of our programs was listed, probably due to the fact that we’d already cleaned out the “crap” PC Decrapifier targets.

We selected No and clicked through to the next screen, which creates a Restore Point. We recommend not skipping this stage, which creates a backup that Windows can use to roll back changes if they cause problems.

We clicked Next and received a Select Items screen, which asked us to select items for removal. However, no items were displayed; again, probably because we already lacked the apps it targets. Clicking Next displayed a list of all our installed programs with the option to select any or all for removal. We made our selections and clicked Next, which initiated the removal process, including warning messages and other options specific to the programs being removed.

We could then enter comments and submit feedback or deselect the check box to keep our data private. Clicking Finish closed PC Decrapifier. Most new PCs ship with bundled applications, many of which are trial versions. These programs take up a lot of space and often check for updates automatically, compromising performance and even security. PC Decrapifier seems best used to remove this unneeded software when you first use your new PC.

Since it’s free, though, you can run it on any PC to see if it has any junk programs and remove them en masse. Free YouTube Downloader. IObit Uninstaller. Internet Download Manager. WinRAR bit. Advanced SystemCare Free. VLC Media Player. MacX YouTube Downloader. Microsoft Office YTD Video Downloader. Adobe Photoshop CC. VirtualDJ Avast Free Security. WhatsApp Messenger. Talking Tom Cat. I used an audio test website that somehow was able to see the audio just fine, which I thought was strange.

Yes, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled drivers for my audio interface, disabled devices etc. Basically anything I could mess around with in settings I did to no avail. Last ditch effort to post here just incase there was some sort of functionality that this could have removed that I was not aware of. The script makes them off by default. The – appaccess switch will bypass this behaviour. Remember people read the script through before you run it folks, it’s all commented and might save you some surprises :.

Thank you m8 for your excellent up-to-date script. Awesome Job! There is only one problem. Result not all the APPS are removed. I can’t see whether it also applies to settings.

Running the script twice will result in the same error but it seems that all the APPS are removed. Same script, same settings: “Run with no switches”. Love the script. One issue I am having is apps like Xbox Microsoft soltiare are remaining. Any guess? Is there a way with in this script to set IE11 as default for all users and pin it to the taskbar?

Question about the start menu layout. I would like to add the following that customized the task bar pin list. How can I incorporate the following with your script? Thanks in advance! I really do appreciate what you do! Get the code. Tested and works great in – Source Code This script has not been checked by Spiceworks.

Please understand the risks before using it. Change many privacy settings to be off by default. Remove built-in advertising, Cortana, OneDrive, Cortana stuff all optional. Disable some data collection. Clean up the start menu for new user accounts. Remove a bunch of pre-installed apps, or all of them including the store.


Decrapify windows 10 download free.”Decrapify” your Windows Computer

It’s nigh impossible to break things if you don’t try to remove core features of the OS manually. Free Cheat Sheet: Download Our Free Windows. Decrapify Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 – Method 1: · Step 1: Download the Bluestacks 5 software from the below link, if you haven’t installed.