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Since the Internet has become the world’s leading source of entertainment and information gathering, it is no wonder that we would like for our browsing experience to be as efficient and as secure as possible. With that aspect in mind, there has been a rise in the numbers of Internet browsers available, most of them being based on the open-source Chromium browser.

One such Internet browser is WebFreer , and it comes as a Chromium-based browser with just a few added tweaks and benefits to make your browsing experience more efficient and secure. Anyone downloading this program expecting anything new, like a standalone web browser will be in for a disappointment since the program is nothing more than a Chromium clone with a handful of extra tools. Opening WebFreer will open a browser that is still named “Chromium,” and the only way to tell the difference between the two browsers is by taking a look at the Task manager when running them.

On the bright side, given that this browser resembles Chromium to such a significant degree means that it can run pretty much any of the supported extensions that are available on the Chrome Web Store. More so, this browser also has all the other typical features, such as user sign-in, incognito windows, the ability to download files, multiple tab support and much more. WebFreer doesn’t bring anything new to the table as far as features go, especially if you compare it to the source material, but if you prefer to have some security features pre-installed instead of looking for them yourself, you should give this browser a try.

Review Free Download specifications report malware. Enjoy safe and secure online browser with this Chromium-based program that features the basic Chromium package along with a few added perks. WebFreer was reviewed by Teodor Nechita. Load comments. WebFreer 2. All rights reserved.


Web freer download free for windows 8 free.Download Windows 8.1

Web Freer Free Download – Navigate the Web with additional privacy and encryption features. Windows · Free Download Windows XP//Vista/7/8/ Web Freer Browser is a quick HTTPS program that encrypts browsing sessions, opens blocked destinations, and secures a client’s security and. Web Freer Browser free download. Get the latest version now. Web Freer is a fast HTTPS browser that encrypts browsing sessions.


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Author: information April 3, 0 Comments. License keyWindows. Web Freer. Web Freer is a fantastic and very usable Internet browser that enables fdee to operate speedily and carefully on a website as well as on a private or blocked website. In freee situation, you should use this Web Freer. Designed to preserve your privacy, it is an outstanding dietary complement for your current operations.

Web Freer Free License is a secure and latest browser. You can open all block sites. This software lets the users reach any banned xownload securely blocked sites. It charms full due to user secrecy. You can attend to any website safely and sound by utilizing fkr excellent WEB Freer browser. Everyone can comfortably use it. It has an exciting interface for the users. On the home page of the web, the freer посмотреть больше has all the vital links.

Also, the web freer browser offers its own exciting and unique apps and games. Web Freer Crack is a clear and free browser, and you can download it effortlessly from our website. It has a very high browsing speed. It does not possess any particular requirements for installation. This browser holds a This browser is a shareware application in web freer download free for windows 8 free of multimedia and audio.

It can update itself automatically. The web freer browser has secretly an antivirus for which each user can visit and download audio web freer download free for windows 8 free video, multimedia, and all data without cree warning. Thus, it is a well-known freee application for surfing the net.

You can apply a password to your data. It helps you to receive your downloads and media players as well. It offers you reliable and active navigation. Also, it is the most customary browser in the world. It is open-source software that can be adjusted as needed. The installation method of this application automatically continues without any instructions.

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