In the world of technology, it seems like the only constant is change—which means you’re likely on the lookout for some of the very best tech websites that can help get you up to speed on the ever-evolving technology landscape. Well, you’re in luck. From tech news to gadget reviews, we’ve pulled together a list of 10 of our most favorite tech-related websites for your perusal. Bookmark these sites and prepare to pack your brain full with all of the technology knowledge.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends is packed full with all sorts of information. But, the standout sections of this website are undoubtedly the product reviews (from headphones to cameras and everything in between) and their section covering tech news in a wide array of different categories. The site prides itself on being welcoming and approachable—meaning it’s a great resource for tech experts and novices alike.

Term Sheet

Run and managed by Fortune, Term Sheet provides a daily breakdown of things like venture capital deals, fundraising, IPOs, and other announcements within the industry. If you’re interested in the business and finance side of tech, this site is sure to become your next addiction.

The Next Web

Chances are, you’ve heard of The Next Web. The founders originally launched the site as a way of promoting the tech event that they were hosting. From there, The Next Web quickly grew into what exists today—a hub for all sorts of technology news, conferences and events, deals, and even a market intelligence platform.


If you are a hardcore android user and want to update to date with its latest tech, then Best Tech Website is the one that you need to follow every day. They write mostly about android kinds of stuff in categories like tips and tricks, reviews, info, how-to and latest news. Personally, I like their user interface very much because there won’t be any annoying ads to disturb while reading the article.


Tech2 is a technology news website that covers topics such as Gadgets, Mobile Phones, Reviews, Gaming Products, Tech updates, etc. This is currently a part of the First Post entirely which is a part Network 18 group. It is popular among techies who are looking for more gadget reviews, comparisons, Best of, and Gadgets related to all the popular brands. Some of the sections covered by the site are Reviews, Gaming, News, Photos, Videos, How-to, Science, Auto. Every section has tons of blogs and articles on multiple topics that you will find helpful in every aspect.

Ars Technica

Ars Technica is known to be one of the oldest technology websites founded more than two decades ago. It covers every piece of information and the latest news about technology for all tech-savvy enthusiasts. Apart from this, you will find reviews and guides on computer software, hardware, gaming, gadgets, science, etc.


Since we are listing down some of the oldest tech news websites, ZDNet is worth mentioning. It was founded in the year 1991, owned by CBS Interactive that deals with Business Technology News release each day. Currently, it has over 36 million monthly visits and has been growing each day since its launch. Whether you are looking for tech-related issues or solving business technology problems, ZDNet is the best site you need to search for.


Focused specifically on tech news, VentureBeat has all of the information that entrepreneurs, executives, and technology enthusiasts need to get informed, stay in the loop, and make better decisions related to technology.

Extreme Tech

This technology Website was founded in 2001 which is almost two decades ago and has covered some major tech news all these years. Extreme Tech specializes mainly in digging deep into technology and providing deep insights on multiple topics. It covers Computer hardware and software, Phones, Cars, Gaming, Science are among the few. You can find multiple deals and offers on the site which can be very useful to you in the long run.


Founded in 2011, GeekWire is worth mentioning among the tech giants since it has left a mark on readers within a short span of time. It is a fresh tech news website that publishes mainly news on multiple brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. Also, you may find multiple Podcasts as well on various topics about each of the above brands’ latest information and releases.