What does TBH means and how to use it

While chatting on the internet, most of the people came through the phrase TBH, and it has been surrounding in the late 90’s and 2k’s people. Some of them will don’t know what it was and where to use it and how to use it in a chat. In this article, we will see a brief explanation of this phrase.

tbh meaning

TBH means “To Be Honest”

The word TBH stands for “To Be Honest” which has been more attracted in the early 2000’s and late 90’s. This word has emerged in the IRC, which is known for its chat (Internet Relay Chat) and the normal mobile text message. 

This word is used at the end of the conversation or a sentence to make someone believe, also a short term to show their frankness. TBH react to every feeling at the position it gets placed. 

For Example: TBH, I hate going to schools. TBH, you were one of the smartest people and hardworking too. Here both the statement was having the word TBH but stood with a different feeling.

TBH means “To Be Heard”

This term has a vague history, and we could see those things below, the word to be heard just a social media were used to collect the opinion of a topic from others. Just like a poll, it gets works.

The teenagers were using this term for a humorous manner to get hear about the others intention about the particular topic or content. Most of the teenagers are believed that the TBH abbreviation is “To Be Heard”.

History of TBH

The word TBH has been added in the urban dictionary during the year of 2003. This has been added due to the Google trends at that time. As we all know from the above passage that this word was surrounded on the internet in the early 90’s and 2k’s.

This term was seen mostly on the mobile message and Internet Relay Chat. This word has been spreading over the internet at low speed up to 2011.

The frame (TBH for TBH) is so aggressive to hear, which has been created by the teenagers, and it got peek during the time of Facebook and tumbler evolving in the later 2011. This TBH for TBH has been got boomed at the time of 2013, and all the news channels and reports were talking about it where the phrase got spreading over the internet.

This has been got noticed by the Facebook team and got published an app based on this talk, literally it was not get popularized, and also this topic has been vanished among the later days on the internet and not have trended in the trending list of any social media.

How to use TBH

As I said earlier, the exact abbreviation for the phrase TBH is “To Be Honest”. Most of the people will use the word TBH at the beginning or at the end of the sentence. Based on the need, it will get used in the middle of the sentence too, but it’s only occasionally. The word TBH is a sentence. You haven’t found the word “I’m trying TBH with you” it was a crime over the internet.

Below are the few examples of how we should use TBH and where to use it:

  • TBH, I love to text you, because you are my best friend.
  • It is not a big thing, TBH
  • I know, I am always talking about I don’t have any problem I’m happy, but actually, I have a lot, TBH.
  • I’m pretty chill, but TBH, I’m always pretty chill.

The use of “to be heard” is a not worth word, and you should not focus on that word. This trend has got outdated, which was created by teenagers. You can use the word TBH when you have confidently known the situation and the right place as “use of to be honest”.

The alternative definition flew on the internet during the 2015 and 2016 have been vanished now, and some of the MNC’s tried to blow this problem that also got failed.


This is how we have to use the word TBH with the usage and position. If you are able to use the “to be honest “sentence to the place matching “to be heard” you have to be so careful. That’s it guys be careful and make others happy by your words.

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