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There are still pretty amazing ways to customize the look and feel of Windows OS and install Rain Meter is one of them. Rain Meter is a custom application that runs various themes over your desktop to display a custom widget.

This widget shows multiple important information, like CPU usage and memory. Each theme has some of its unique working features like taking notes or image slideshow etc.

Hence, if you are looking for the best Rain Meter themes, we have selected the best 30 Rain Meter themes for you. We have also given a step by step guide on how to install these best Rain Meter themes to make everything easy for you. So let us begin. So, here is a step to step detailed guide which you could follow on how to install the best Rain Meter themes on windows.

So follow the steps below. Just double-click the file, and it will install automatically. You do not have to worry about any file locations, and settings as the skins of this format come with a configured installer. Hence, these are very easy to install. Accordingly, the icons in the left open Music, Videos, Recycle Bin, mail, battery, calendar and some system operations.

By the way, the toggle button on the right opens RSS feeds, CD Art, above which there is a system meter, weather forecast, etc. It comes in a standard X px resolution.

Here is a rainmeter skin for Iron Man movie fans. These different modules can easily be customized. This rainmeter skin contains all the modules in one revolving core. This looks like a future computer machine. Neon Space Rainmeter skin will make you feel like you are operating an alien spaceship. If you are looking for a more organized rainmeter skin for your Windows 10 PC, then this one is for you. If you are an Avengers fan and want to get a feeling of working as a Shield Agent you can install this amazing theme.

It comes with an original Shield Eagle Tag. It is available in multiple resolutions and has many options to include in shortcuts such as applications like Browser or Media player. Titillium is a light weighted, the minimalistic designed theme for the Windows 10 system. It makes your system looks elegant and fresh. It has a good range of wallpapers to choose from.

Titillium rainmeter skin will display your system resources, current weather, some quick launch shortcuts, the time. It also includes a very simple but effective audio visualizer. Eker Lina is one of the best Rainmeter skin available. It consists of several sub-modules that gives users the feeling of the widgets. Eker Lina can display a lot of features such as time, date, current weather, System Folders, Media Controls, etc.

Enigma is another great Rainmeter skin. It is one of the most downloaded skins on the Rainmeter. It can show every piece of system information. All of its sub-modules can be configured very easily and arranged individually.

Minimalist 2 is the perfect Rainmeter skin for the people who are looking for minimal things on their desktop. Shortcuts to software and folders are available on the right. Sticky Bar provides you the great wallpaper to match its themes like you can see the picture that we have uploaded.

It is a simple skin that provides you functionality such as time, date, CPU usage, power control buttons, and current weather. Speed consist of frosted glass and transparency effects. Cold Rainmeter is one of the best 3d Rainmeter skins you can get.

Every option that it can show is neatly integrated into the wallpaper itself. Battlefield 3 is the best skin for gamers. On the whole, customizing the desktop is just an endeavor for creating an attractive new ecosystem within your computer. Hence, you can download any of the best Rainmeter themes for Windows 10, according to your preference.

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Best Rainmeter Themes for Windows 10 For those who are unaware, this interactive desktop customizer, Rainmeter can help you with various tweaks, right at your desktop. Download Mass Effect. Download Pog Pack. Download Taboo-Vision.



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