What are the Ways to Download Indonesian MP3 Songs

When bored or struck in the middle of an activity, listening to music is one way to overcome them. You can connect to your favorite streaming service to hear your favorite music.

But to do this, we need internet data balance. While playing music through streaming apps, your data balance will be reduced. If you are not willing to lose your data balance just for a song means only one option is left that is downloading the songs and hear it anytime without using the Internet.

There are various methods for downloading a song. Here I listed out some of the steps to download Indonesian songs.

Through Songily application

Songily is an application that allows users to search, play, and download music for free. It is also known as the Download Gudang Lagu among music fans. Like, songs available are ranging from the popular ones, live versions to remixed versions. Also, you don’t need a premium membership to use this application.

Through 4shared application

The 4shared application is certainly familiar for your ears, right? Having operated through the previous site, 4shared is often a mainstay of music lovers to download files for free. Using this, you can save and share files with others. Therefore, the collection of songs in this application is very diverse.

You can download it through the Google Play Store. Then log in or sign up if you don’t have an account. After that, just find the song you want. You can save it to your account or download it directly to your Mobile.

Through mp3juices site

If you don’t want to try downloading apps, you can use a browser, really! It’s easy, just visit mp3juices. There you can search for favorite songs that you want to download. There are various songs available, ranging from Indonesia, Korea, West, and so on.

After finding the song that you need, just click the Download button. MP3 will be saved automatically to your Mobile or Desktop. But you have to be careful of unwanted advertisements!

Through Sky Music application

Are you looking for songs from Indonesian musicians? You can use the Sky Music application that available on the Play Store. It offers a way to legally stream and download music.

The advantage, you can listen to songs without limits. Also, this application provides lyrics if you want to hum along while listening. International songs also available so you don’t need to install other applications.

Download from Soundcloud

Is there a Soundcloud song that grabbed your interest? You can also download it via mobile. The method is more or less the same as downloading a song through YouTube.

First, copy the song link that you want to save. Then open the browser and open the SaveFrom site. Paste the link in the text field, then click Download MP3 option. After that, the song will automatically be saved to your device storage.

Download from YouTube

Do you want to download MP3’s from the music video on YouTube? Relax, it’s easy. Simply open the video that you want to download, then copy the link. After that, open the browser and go to the FLVTO website. In the type field, paste the link then click Convert to MP3. After that, wait until the download process is complete.

Through Audiomack application

Another application that you can use to download music is Audiomack. It specializes in providing hip-hop, Latin songs, and various free mixtapes from famous singers. In this way, you will not violate copyright rules. You can stream or download it for offline listening too.

Through Spotify

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world. This Swedish service has more than 200 million users worldwide. You can listen to songs for free on Spotify, but if you want to download them, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Through Apple Music

Apple Music is Spotify’s competitor. Although made as an Apple product, this application can also be used by Android users.

Apple Music streaming services are not free like the Spotify plan. But new users can get three months of free subscription, then paid purchase is mandatory.

What Causes a Wheel Bearing to Fail

Are you frustrated by replacing the wheel bearings too frequently? Don’t worry here I write this article explaining the causes of wheel bearing failure. Read it completely, so you don’t have to replace it in a very short time. 

As you know, wheel bearing will heat up during the rotation of wheels and cools down after the usage. During the cooling process, the air, contracting metal, and lubricant will create a hollow vacuum; it will be held by seals. If seals can’t be able to hold that vacuum means bearings will be stuck in outside air, water and debris. Imagine if you are driving on the ocean side means saltwater will stay on bearing, and it will rust the material.

If a wheel bearing goes to fail means, it will make some noise while driving. You can clearly hear those noises from the driver seat. Once you hear the noise, you have to make yourself ready for the replacement of wheel bearing. Check the wheel bearing replacement cost as early else you will end up paying huge money.

You don’t want that to happen means read the below-mentioned causes for wheel bearing failure and take precautions accordingly.



During the manufacturing of wheel bearing, components will be heated heavily to harden the metal. But the heat penetrates only outside of the metal. If a wheel bearing lose this layer means catastrophic, and rapid wear will cause the metal to soften. This type of failure is termed as “spalling”.

In some cases, bearings will face heavy heating rather than normal. Under this circumstance, hot lubricant substances will break and create etching and scoring on the surface of bearings. Not only these but water and many other corrosive elements can able to create this condition and leads to the failure of the wheel bearing.

An oxidized or burned lubricant will leave some dark layers on the surface of bearings. The damage is the same as before with the tapered roller bearings too. Excessive heat that received by a wheel bearing will leads to the lock-up.

In bearings, seals play a major role in protection. If it goes down and contaminants found a way to come inside, bearing means it will create a wear pattern on its surface. So you have to take care of the seals more efficiently. 

Rash Driving

Some studies proved that rush driving also makes the wheel bearing to fail. In rash driving, the bearing will face heavy pressure, so heat will be created accordingly. But all bearings can’t be able to withstand this heating pressure. So be on the safer side and don’t make rash driving.

Quality Matters

Bearings are the most crucial part of any car. Also, it requires a very complex manufacturing process. Low-quality bearings mostly use poor quality steel and heating treatment, so it will wear and fail easily. And some brands use a combination of both soft and hard metal that causes premature failure. All you have to understand here is using the best quality bearing will work for a long time rather than a poor one.


During the installation of the wheel bearing, you have to concentrate more on the adjusting process. Because the over-tightening of wheel bearing will lead to premature failure. In RWD vehicles, tapered roller bearings are never preloaded. It will be fixed with more than 13 to 18 in. Lbs of torque while rotating. Then nut will be adjusted about 1/5 to 1/3 turn and locked with a new cotter pin.

For FWD cars, the adjustment procedure is the same as the RWD cars but requires some preload of 22 to 26 in. Lbs. So depends upon the model of car, preload will vary. Check the manual and fix appropriate preload else your wheel bearing will fail very quickly.


Now you understood the causes of wheel bearing failures. So take the correct prevention method in order to improve the lifetime of your wheel bearing. If you have more questions means, please feel free to comment below.

What are the Best Wireless Earbuds for Travellers

When you spend a lot of time traveling for work, then you’ll have your list of must-have gadgets that travel with you all the time. There is no doubt that a good pair of wireless headphones for listening to music, avoiding disturbances, making phone calls, or video conferencing is one thing on this list.

It can be difficult to find the right pair, particularly if you are trying to find one that suits your desired combination of features, costs, and comfort. Also, you may feel uncomfortable with the size of headphones while traveling, so earbuds will be the better alternative in this case.

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These are the best wireless earbud to fly, whether you’re listening to your favorite podcast’s latest episode, your favorite musician, or an audiobook.

Powerbeats Pro

You’ll love the Powerbeats Pro if you’re a fan of AirPods but want them to blend in even better. They have the same wireless chip, but great improvements are the wraparound design, the addition of volume control, and their sweat resistance. They’ll cost you $249, though.

My biggest issue with PowerBeats Pro is variant with a number of different styles. Anyone who thought it was a brilliant idea to build this earphone’s exterior did not think of a button that because none of them match perfectly to your ear. It will sometimes push them away from that and the fact that the situation is of the size of a softball. Try to put that into your bag on your next travel.

Sony WF-1000XM3

From the day they hit stores last fall for two significant reasons, Sony’s new wireless in-ear headphone has been at the forefront of the industry. They block noise absolutely, compared to the best headphones on the market, for example.

Second, these lightweight headphones provide eight hours of battery life per charge, with an additional 24 hours on the charging instance (which could add 90 minutes of battery life with just 10 minutes charging). Rich in sound that can withstand all the bass that you throw at it, the WF-1000XM3 can simultaneously maintain a connection to two devices, making it easy to switch between a phone and a laptop.

JayBird X4

The JayBird X4 wireless headset may be the answer to your prayers for those who can’t decide if they want a better in-ear or in-ear headset. You can customize the software to suit your needs. Plus, these are the perfect travel headphones with sweat/rain safety, custom audio configurations, 8 hours of use on a single charge. They are available in two different colors.

Apple AirPods 2

I have already confirmed Apple AirPods 2 are the best friends of travelers, but I would add this: they are the most secure and easiest to use wireless headphones. They sound fantastic too, pick the PowerBeats Pro or the Bose even if you want anything to block out the background noise.

The AirPods key justification for traveling is that they are rock solid to set up and move between devices and fit in a load case compact enough to fit into almost any pocket. With the Wireless Charging Case, you can get them for $199.

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones

These are the wireless headphones for you if you are on a budget! The Mpow Flame Bluetooth headphones start on Amazon at just $21.99, but they give you about eight hours of full-charge usage, they have a waterproof coating to allow suddenness (great for a long hike on your trip), plus a travel suitcase. Accessible in 8 colors.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Headphones

It may have been pretty obvious to those who are closely watching the growth of headphone brands that the German Sennheiser perfectionists were not joking when they launched the authentic Momentum wireless headphones in November 2018. Such headphones prove the size is insignificant.

These portable headphones are good for their noise and passive isolation, with strong bass and treble without a network. The icing on the cake is a trendy pocket USB-C charging case that doesn’t seem to hold your medication (hello AirPods).

Klipsch T5 True Wireless

The Klipsch T5 True Wireless is a simple choice and to be planned (it will be available in October) if the main thing is a long-lasting battery and solid sound! In fact, these are probably the best sounding headphones overall for the size, which is remarkable considering that they are exactly the same quality as the AirPods ($199).

The case is amazing-it is made of metal and looks like a lightweight lift-up. The downside is that, particularly compared to AirPods, the case is not lightweight, but it does have a 24-hour battery charge, while the headphones will last about 8 hours.

What Are The Best Ways To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Have you ever noticed bed bugs at home? If your answer yes means you have to clean those bugs from your home. Treatment may not fall within your budget with your schedule by a qualified pest control company or an exterminator.

As with most insects, people want to know how to easily kill bed bugs. Whether you’ve seen one in your house, in your luggage, or concealed in your personal belongings, your first response will most likely try to determine what kills bed bugs quickly. 

The good news is there’s lot of detailed ideas for goods and disposal. The positive thing is that anything other than professional management of pests is definitely ineffective.

Nationwide pest control services says that bed bug infestation problem can be dealt without spending a high amount of money. All you need to do is be careful and committed to the treatment process to protect yourself from bed bugs.

Let’s see how to get rid of bed-bugs effectively.


Prepare a bedside bug treatment room

You must prepare the rooms where the bed bugs are, before starting the bed bug treatment process. Remove any item that may not be healed or has already been treated from the range. Cover items in plastic bags before moving to another room to avoid infesting another area with hidden bedbugs.

Eliminate any paint or work of art from the walls. Be sure to test any product taken out of the room carefully to prevent bed bugs from moving from one room to the next. For those with a heavily infested mattress, we suggest you cover it with an insect-proof mattress cover or a mattress cover against bed bugs. 

If you need to throw and remove your mattress, make sure to cover it with plastic to shield the workers from contamination before discarding it. Infested towels, sheets, and clothes in a high-temperature domestic dryer (over 120 degrees F) should be washed and dried, as heat kills bed bugs. Any clothes that cannot be washed may need to be dry cleaned or destroyed because insecticides can not be used on these fabrics.

Minimize secret points and minimize clutter

Consider getting rid of anything you don’t use, like old magazines and newspapers. It’s hard to search for a crowded house, and the fewer bed bugs can hide in those places. In addition to heat, blood, and carbon dioxide, dark cracks are also attracting attention.

Bed bugs can be covered in cardboard, and plastic containers are less likely to promote infestation if you need them. If you can, throw or recycle things that you don’t need any longer, make sure that everything is safe from bed bugs.

Cure cracks, crevices, tufts and fold your house by bed bugs

Many bed bug items can’t be used where others might. Additionally, bed bugs can develop resistance to certain pyrethroids, making them hard to manage. That is why they will create the best results by using several different products to destroy and manage bed bugs.

We consider using one of the bug kits on our bed. These kits provide our most efficient and effective products designed to save you time and money for many different applications.

Clean infested space

The way to get rid of bed bugs begins with the pest control professionals. To offer them an advantage, clean the furniture, sockets, rear plugs, switch coverings, and other stuff.

Place items to move between rooms in sealed plastic bags, then close clean objects in fresh plastic bags. Remove and wash window coverings and fabric accessories, if possible. 

Destroy active bed bugs

We suggest that spray Steri-Fab in areas where bed bugs can be observed. Steri-Fab blends a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide with isopropyl alcohol to rapidly destroy the touch bed bugs. Steri-Fab also acts as a disinfectant.

Steri-Fab does not leave any trace, meaning it can be used almost anywhere. Just shake it well, then apply it to the treatment sites you like. The mortality of insects is impending, usually within 10 minutes of spraying.

Make it difficult for Bed Bugs to Hide

Check the sockets, cracks, and caulk if needed. Be sure that the wallpaper is not loose and fix any wall damage. To defend against bed bugs, check the electrical outlets and wall switches.

What is the Difference Between Micro Sim and Nano Sim

We know that the three essential things for a human to survive in this world are food, shelter, and cloths. Now you could come to understand that the mobile phone has occupied one of the positions in that. The mobile phone plays a vital role in this modern world.

We all know that the mobile phone will work with a Simple object called SIM. We can use technology, but we must understand what the thing used was and what it will do and why we need to update it. This will make you a somewhat knowledgeable person.

Now a day these SIM comes with three types, which suites for a small mobile phone, smartphone, and hybrid phone. Here we discussed the difference between micro and nano-sim only to know the difference between all three SIM cards please refer here.

Micro SIM:

What does it mean?

The high-end smartphones will be used with this Micro SIM Card; it is nothing but the smaller version of the normal SIM. This style of SIM gets enters into the market by the manufacturer of the mobile phone from 2010. From the mini-SIM, the extra plastic-covered got removed and made as micro-SIM.

The size of the mini-SIM is 15x25mm, but the micro-SIM size is 12x15mm. Both the SIM card has the same working part of the metal area. Its size is same in both the SIM cards. So we can cut the mini-SIM and use it as a micro-SIM by having the working part and removing all the outer plastic. Then you will become a micro SIM user, and you can use it on your smartphone.

Nano SIM:

What does it mean?

The latest high-end smartphones come with the Nano-SIM tray. The trimmed version of the mini-SIM is micro then the trimmed version of micro-SIM is Nano-SIM. These are cut down to get placed in the latest smartphone tray.

Nano SIM design is similar to the micro-SIM only the size get differs. The micro-SIM is with a size of 15x22mm, but the Nano SIM is from 8.8×12.3mm in size, which has been clearly cut down to use in the recent high-end mobile. This SIM thickness is 0.67mm. The all the SIM card has a certain part of storage which is used to store the system information and the other one is used for code.


Difference between both SIM cards:

Basic Difference:

  1. Micro SIM used in the high-end smartphones from 2010, while the Nano SIM is used in the latest high-end smartphones.
  2. Micro SIM is the trimmed version of the mini-SIM card, while the Nano SIM is the trimmed version of micro-SIM. These are trimmed to cut down the extra spaces used by smartphones.
  3. Micro SIM is 12x15mm in size while the Nano SIM is of 8.8×12.3mm size
  4. The Micro SIM is a 3FF, i.e., it is a third form factor type. While the Nano SIM is 4FF, i.e., fourth form factor and the mini-SIM, which we used before these SIM is 2FF, I.e., second Form Factor.


The SIM card size may get differ, but there is no change in their functionality. The resizing of the SIM card will give some space to the smartphone, where they will place other hardware and reduce the size of the smartphone. These SIM cards are cantinas storage of 64k to 128k where we can store data for those sizes like storing the PUK code, to store the SIM contacts this size of storage were used.


SIM card is a simple type, but most of us don’t know what the difference between these things. And we are regularly using these things without knowing. We should have knowledge about the basic things that we regularly use in our day to day life and update our knowledge.

What is the Best Way to Clean House

The best ways to clean the house faster and efficiently will be discussed in this blog. Most women start cleaning their house by room by room, but it is not an efficient one. Also, it will not clean completely. Make a note and use the solutions which are nontoxic to clean your house.

Don’t Clean your Home Room by Room:

There are many ways to clean your house by selecting one dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. If you select any one of the tasks, you have to follow it to each and every room of your house. You could start cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and then the bedroom. If you follow this order of cleaning, you won’t get the feel of endless cleaning. If not, you will feel that you were doing the same task again and again.

Collect all your Cleaning Tools in a Single Bucket:

You could collect all the tools you are using for the cleaning process in a single bucket, which makes you not to get tired. This also saves your time from searching for each tool at each place. So this thing will let you work your process continuously without getting any distraction.

Clear the Clutter:

Before cleaning the room, start to remove the blankets covers that you used to cover your furniture from all the rooms. Select the items that are old like magazines, paperbacks, old sneakers, and make it out or donate to others. This makes your room better clean and stops spreading dust.

Dust and Vacuum:

Before start dusting, make sure you have turned off your ceiling fans. Else it will affect your body by causing any problems, so don’t use to spread the dust over your house. You have to concentrate dusting on the top of furniture, shelves, TV, Albums on the wall, wall clock. At the end of the cleaning, tie a microfiber cloth with any stick it will be useful if you want to go to the place which you can’t able to reach easier.

Clean your House Glasses and Mirrors:

Take one dry cloth and one wet cloth to wipe mirrors and glasses. You can use chemicals like Collin to make shine your glass objects.

Clean Regularly using Object:

Clean the entire hard surface, which spread the disease by many people’s hands-on objects like TV remotes. Because it will be used by all the people in the home so it will spread infection from one person to another. Hence clean the objects like the TV remote, telephone, light, witches, doorknobs, appliances. Clean them with the nontoxic solution.

Clean the Kitchen and Toilets:

Use the cleaner like phenol or other solutions in the kitchen sink and then on bathroom tubs, toilets, and sinks. Now don’t clean at the time of spray. Just wait for a period of time so it will kill all the bacteria and removes the stains and dirt. Now return and start to scrub the kitchen sink and clean the microwave by wiping mildly. 

Sweep and Mop:

Sweep the floor of the bathroom and kitchen clearly without any dust to get regret of the sticky to wet mobs. Start mopping on the floors, and don’t forget to rinse the top for each four swipe by covering four sq feet.

Start using Vacuum:

When you vacuum, just keep moving the home in every carpeted area in one pass. Clean it clearly except the place of your vacuum couldn’t reach.

Not all the works not need to be done each week, some like cleaning the fans, windows, furniture and washing bath and rugs mats.

Wash the Cleaning Tools Regularly

The most important role has given to maintaining the tools used for cleaning. Using dirty tools for cleaning is not making a big effect on your cleaning process. For example, using the dirty mop will make your house not clean. This also makes your time more for cleaning.

Clean with the Help of the Team

Teamwork will be a more efficient and faster way of cleaning. Schedule your own timetable for the cleaning of the house. Each and every person in your family should take care of your house. Make some fun, which makes it interesting for cleaning the house.


Our house is our world, and we must keep our world clean and beautiful. You have to enter with a pleasant feeling in your house even though you return with tension from your office. People who visit our world also should love and ask for tips and make you as a role model. So beautify your place and live happy and disease-free life.