What are the Most Curable Cancers?

Most of the people thought that cancers are one of the deadliest diseases and can’t be able to cure it. Over the last 50 years, the diagnosis and the treatment for Cancer had come, and more people who suffered from cancers were cross this deadliest disease and living a happy life. Over the past world, the letter C from Cancer is marked as a dead word. Now we can cure several types of it. The Cancer is separated by stages from 0 to IV.

The IV stage is what the cancer cells have been spread over the most number of tissue and organ in our body. Only early detection of Cancer is the key to survival. When doctors found this Cancer early, they could easily treat and cure at the beginning stage. Some of the lists of cancers that are curable are listed below.

most curable cancers

Breast Cancer:

This was one of the most common cancers that get found in every one in eight women in their lifetime. This was treatable when get detected early.

The research in the American cancer society would leave a report if women with breast cancer were detected; the survival rate for them is five years, with 98% of the people. When they were in the third stage, the survival rate is 72%, and it was at the 4th stage, the survival rate is 22 percent.

Doctors have prescribed a method to not to allow Cancer to spread over the other part of the body by various treatments:

  • Mammograms – women between the ranges of 40 to 70 should receive an annual mammogram.
  • Clinical breast examination – women of 20 to 39 ages have to examine for every three years, for women above 40 should examine a year.
  • Self-examination – when women reach their 20, the breast changes start. After their period start for 3 to 5 days, their breast should not lump at this time.

Skin Cancer:

Most of the human beings were getting affected by skin cancer. This will be cured with a success rate of 100%. This success rate was measured by the American Academy of Dermatology.

The common form of skin cancer was

  • BCC – Base cell carcinoma
  • SCC – squamous cell carcinoma

Both things were literally very slow to spread over the other parts of the body. This may also cause if not detected and treated earlier.

Signs that may be skin cancer are:

  • The irregular outline of moles, birthmark.
  • The moles and birthmark will get change the color to brown
  • Any spot that continues to itch, bleed and crab.
  • Sores that take longer than 3 weeks to get heal.

Prostate Cancer:

This is also the most common Cancer of man. When we caught this Cancer, the survival rate of a human is 98.8 percent. They can survive for more than five years before it spreads over the prostate gland. The survival rate at the fourth stage of this Cancer is 28 percent. The most common symptoms for this Cancer were:

  • Frequent Urination
  • Pain during urination or ejaculation
  • You will feel that your bladder is always full
  • Urine contains blood mixed

Colon Cancer:

This is one of the most dangerous cancers that got commonly found in men and women. The survival rate of this Cancer is five years of 90% only if caught during the early stage of spreading.

Only 39 % of cases were detected in the early stage of this colon cancer. This was the second killer cancer named in America because it was not detected soon.

The signs for this Cancer were:

  • Diarrhea that continues for more than two weeks.
  • You will find a plum color specs in the stool
  • Stomach pain or make you discomfort for more than two weeks.

Testicular Cancer:

The men with 15 to 45 were suffered from this cancer type. This will get treatable with the 99.2% range when found early, but after the treatment, only 73.1% were cancer-free patients.

This common symptom is the pressure and discomfort feel found in the groin area.

Cervical Cancer:

This was one of the slow-growing cancers, and this occurs in the wall of the cervix cell. It would get detected through Pap test even they have no symptoms of Cancer. Cervical Cancer is a sexually transmitted disease where there is a vaccine available.

This could be easily stopped by the immune system. It would get cured, and the survival rate will be 100 percent if this was found in the III stage, only 32 percent was the survival rate. If found in the IV stage, only 16 percent possibility was there.


Don’t wait for a while; just check with the doctor if you were found any unwanted symptoms in your body. This will be helpful for you to detect the Cancer at the early stage and get cured clearly by the doctors. So don’t take your body symptoms with a lack of seriousness.

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