We know that the three essential things for a human to survive in this world are food, shelter, and cloths. Now you could come to understand that the mobile phone has occupied one of the positions in that. The mobile phone plays a vital role in this modern world.

We all know that the mobile phone will work with a Simple object called SIM. We can use technology, but we must understand what the thing used was and what it will do and why we need to update it. This will make you a somewhat knowledgeable person.

Now a day these SIM comes with three types, which suites for a small mobile phone, smartphone, and hybrid phone. Here we discussed the difference between micro and nano-sim only to know the difference between all three SIM cards please refer here.

Micro SIM:

What does it mean?

The high-end smartphones will be used with this Micro SIM Card; it is nothing but the smaller version of the normal SIM. This style of SIM gets enters into the market by the manufacturer of the mobile phone from 2010. From the mini-SIM, the extra plastic-covered got removed and made as micro-SIM.

The size of the mini-SIM is 15x25mm, but the micro-SIM size is 12x15mm. Both the SIM card has the same working part of the metal area. Its size is same in both the SIM cards. So we can cut the mini-SIM and use it as a micro-SIM by having the working part and removing all the outer plastic. Then you will become a micro SIM user, and you can use it on your smartphone.

Nano SIM:

What does it mean?

The latest high-end smartphones come with the Nano-SIM tray. The trimmed version of the mini-SIM is micro then the trimmed version of micro-SIM is Nano-SIM. These are cut down to get placed in the latest smartphone tray.

Nano SIM design is similar to the micro-SIM only the size get differs. The micro-SIM is with a size of 15x22mm, but the Nano SIM is from 8.8×12.3mm in size, which has been clearly cut down to use in the recent high-end mobile. This SIM thickness is 0.67mm. The all the SIM card has a certain part of storage which is used to store the system information and the other one is used for code.


Difference between both SIM cards:

Basic Difference:

  1. Micro SIM used in the high-end smartphones from 2010, while the Nano SIM is used in the latest high-end smartphones.
  2. Micro SIM is the trimmed version of the mini-SIM card, while the Nano SIM is the trimmed version of micro-SIM. These are trimmed to cut down the extra spaces used by smartphones.
  3. Micro SIM is 12x15mm in size while the Nano SIM is of 8.8×12.3mm size
  4. The Micro SIM is a 3FF, i.e., it is a third form factor type. While the Nano SIM is 4FF, i.e., fourth form factor and the mini-SIM, which we used before these SIM is 2FF, I.e., second Form Factor.


The SIM card size may get differ, but there is no change in their functionality. The resizing of the SIM card will give some space to the smartphone, where they will place other hardware and reduce the size of the smartphone. These SIM cards are cantinas storage of 64k to 128k where we can store data for those sizes like storing the PUK code, to store the SIM contacts this size of storage were used.


SIM card is a simple type, but most of us don’t know what the difference between these things. And we are regularly using these things without knowing. We should have knowledge about the basic things that we regularly use in our day to day life and update our knowledge.