As a Kroger Customer, you all know about their Fuel Points Program to save your money. Here I write this article to give you more knowledge about this program. You must know these things before going to participate in Kroger Feedback Program.

What is Kroger Feedback?

First of all, this question will arise in your mind when you hear the word Kroger Feedback. This is nothing but the customer survey program to get their opinions on their service, and in return, they provide fuel points to those customers. One can use these points to get 10 cents off for every gallon of fuel.

How does Kroger Feedback Works?

Krogerfeedback simply works by getting the feedback from the customers through their website and providing the voucher code. Survey questions will be mainly focusing on the quality of the product, employee behavior, product availability, and cleanliness, etc.

What are the Ways to Earn Fuel Points?

In general, you can able to earn fuel points in three possible ways. They are buying grocery items, gift card purchases, and buying beverages on Authorized shops. You will get one fuel point for every 1 dollar spent on grocery items, 50 fuel points for every 25$ in Gift cards.

How to Keep Track of Fuel Points?

Every receipt that you get on the Kroger shop will display your current fuel points at the bottom. In addition, you can check your fuel points on their official website or mobile app. You have to register with your Kroger Plus Card to use a mobile app.

How to Check my Eligibility?

You must be 18 years old to participate in this Kroger Customer Survey Program. Employees of Kroger are not allowed to participate in this program. If you are an employee of Kroger and willing to participate in this program means to tie up with your friend and participate.

How to Redeem Fuel Points?

You can redeem your Kroger Fuel points at the Kroger Gas Station. You will be provided with the Kroger Plus Card, where all your details and fuel points will be stored. While fueling your vehicle, use this card to make payment fuel point will be automatically applied on your bill. You must have at least 100 fuel points to avail of this offer.

 Is My Fuel Points Expire?

Yes. Your fuel points have an expiry date. All the fuel points that you earned this month have the expiry date of one month that means it will expire at the end of the next month. If you have unused fuel points at the end of the month means it will not be combined with next month’s balance.

Is There Any Limit on Redemption of Fuel Points?

Yeah, you can use a maximum of 100 fuel points at Shell gas stations in a single fill-up. And 1000 points can be redeemed at Kroger Gas stations for a maximum of 35 Gallons of fuel.

Does Kroger Offers Bonus Fuel Points?

Kroger runs promotional offers to give bonus fuel points. In the Summer time, they provide double fuel points when you purchase groceries. And special promotional offers will give you 4x Fuel points while purchasing gift cards. This special promotional offer usually runs a few times a year.

How to Participate in Kroger Feedback?

For every purchase that you made on the Kroger shop, you will be provided a receipt with Entry ID to participate in Kroger Customer Feedback Program. Now open their official website and use the Entry ID, Date, and Time printed on the Receipt to start the survey. After the completion of the survey, you will be provided a coupon code to avail of the fuel points.


I hope now you get more and more knowledge about the Kroger Feedback Program. Always keep these things in your mind while doing any transaction at Kroger and save your money like a pro.