Being one of the world’s biggest word processors, Microsoft Word is equipped with virtually everything that you might need to create a perfect written document. It is widely being used by students, teachers, professors, working professionals, writers, etc. Not only does it help with the design of the page, but you can also use it for referencing your thesis for any grammatical error and count the number of words. 

In any field, the word count of a written document is always given importance. You could be writing an essay for school work, a dissertation for university, or writing content for your blog; a word limit always limits you. However, while typing, most people do not pay attention to the word count. And in some cases, people don’t know how to count the number of words and characters. If you are one of these people, there is a news flash for you. You can count the number of words and characters in the MS Word document itself.

MS Word offers convenient ways of keeping track of the word count as you type. This is what makes the word processor special. If you don’t have a paid MS Word subscription and looking for a free word counting tool means please visit Let’s take a look at how you can count the number of words of MS Word. 

Checking the Word Count on Windows:

The method of counting the number of words on MS word is different in the case of windows and MAC. The word count on windows can be seen at the bottom left corner of the screen like I am on 275th word right now. If you click on that figure, a window will open up containing detailed information about your document. This includes the number of words, characters with spaces, characters without spaces, paragraphs, and lines. 

This window has information about the word count of the entire document. In case you want to know the word count of a specific line or paragraph, all you have to do is select the paragraph by clicking and holding your cursor. Once you have chosen the paragraph, you can notice the word count on the same spot reduces significantly. Now the same tab shows the word count of that specific paragraph that you selected. This excellent feature of MS Word can come in handy. This is especially useful for bloggers who are bound by the number of sentence limits as well. 

Checking the Word Count on MAC:

Mac works differently from windows in various aspects. While MAC has its own word processor in the name of ‘Pages’, you can also use Microsoft office in it, that is the best part. Thus, if you are someone who has recently shifted from windows to MAC and if you use MS Office, not much has changed. However, the mode of checking the word count is slightly different. 

In MAC, in order to check the word count on MS word, checkout the taskbar at the very top. Click on the tab that says ‘tools’. This is a very important tab as most of the editing takes place here. Moreover, it also gives you an in-depth insight about your document. The ‘tools’ are home to a tab called ‘word count’ amongst several other things, such as grammar detection, Thesaurus, Hyphenation, etc.

By clicking on the word count tab, a window on the same will open up. The window will contain information on the number of words, characters with spaces, characters without spaces, paragraphs, and lines. 

Checking the Word Count on Mobile:

For those who didn’t know, MS Word for mobile phones exists. To check the word count on mobile, open the app, and select a document. Once the desired document has been opened, click on the edit tab.

You will find this on the top taskbar on the screen. The icon consists of capital A and a pencil. Pressing the edit button will spring up the editing taskbar. Click on ‘home’ and then ‘review’. Here you can find the ‘word count’ tab.

Check the Word Count Online:

As for the MS Word online, checking the word count is similar to that of the MS Word app on Microsoft windows.


Microsoft Word has been a vital part of Microsoft since time immemorial. It is the one-stop solution to all the office needs. The feature of checking the word count is just another magnificent aspect of this equally superb and helpful word processor. Now you know how to count the number of words on MS word on all platforms. I hope you found this article helpful.