The best ways to clean the house faster and efficiently will be discussed in this blog. Most women start cleaning their house by room by room, but it is not an efficient one. Also, it will not clean completely. Make a note and use the solutions which are nontoxic to clean your house.

Don’t Clean your Home Room by Room:

There are many ways to clean your house by selecting one dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. If you select any one of the tasks, you have to follow it to each and every room of your house. You could start cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and then the bedroom. If you follow this order of cleaning, you won’t get the feel of endless cleaning. If not, you will feel that you were doing the same task again and again.

Collect all your Cleaning Tools in a Single Bucket:

You could collect all the tools you are using for the cleaning process in a single bucket, which makes you not to get tired. This also saves your time from searching for each tool at each place. So this thing will let you work your process continuously without getting any distraction.

Clear the Clutter:

Before cleaning the room, start to remove the blankets covers that you used to cover your furniture from all the rooms. Select the items that are old like magazines, paperbacks, old sneakers, and make it out or donate to others. This makes your room better clean and stops spreading dust.

Dust and Vacuum:

Before start dusting, make sure you have turned off your ceiling fans. Else it will affect your body by causing any problems, so don’t use to spread the dust over your house. You have to concentrate dusting on the top of furniture, shelves, TV, Albums on the wall, wall clock. At the end of the cleaning, tie a microfiber cloth with any stick it will be useful if you want to go to the place which you can’t able to reach easier.

Clean your House Glasses and Mirrors:

Take one dry cloth and one wet cloth to wipe mirrors and glasses. You can use chemicals like Collin to make shine your glass objects.

Clean Regularly using Object:

Clean the entire hard surface, which spread the disease by many people’s hands-on objects like TV remotes. Because it will be used by all the people in the home so it will spread infection from one person to another. Hence clean the objects like the TV remote, telephone, light, witches, doorknobs, appliances. Clean them with the nontoxic solution.

Clean the Kitchen and Toilets:

Use the cleaner like phenol or other solutions in the kitchen sink and then on bathroom tubs, toilets, and sinks. Now don’t clean at the time of spray. Just wait for a period of time so it will kill all the bacteria and removes the stains and dirt. Now return and start to scrub the kitchen sink and clean the microwave by wiping mildly. 

Sweep and Mop:

Sweep the floor of the bathroom and kitchen clearly without any dust to get regret of the sticky to wet mobs. Start mopping on the floors, and don’t forget to rinse the top for each four swipe by covering four sq feet.

Start using Vacuum:

When you vacuum, just keep moving the home in every carpeted area in one pass. Clean it clearly except the place of your vacuum couldn’t reach.

Not all the works not need to be done each week, some like cleaning the fans, windows, furniture and washing bath and rugs mats.

Wash the Cleaning Tools Regularly

The most important role has given to maintaining the tools used for cleaning. Using dirty tools for cleaning is not making a big effect on your cleaning process. For example, using the dirty mop will make your house not clean. This also makes your time more for cleaning.

Clean with the Help of the Team

Teamwork will be a more efficient and faster way of cleaning. Schedule your own timetable for the cleaning of the house. Each and every person in your family should take care of your house. Make some fun, which makes it interesting for cleaning the house.


Our house is our world, and we must keep our world clean and beautiful. You have to enter with a pleasant feeling in your house even though you return with tension from your office. People who visit our world also should love and ask for tips and make you as a role model. So beautify your place and live happy and disease-free life.